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The joys of self-publishing.


Wasting Time–Summer Daze

I realise most of you are on the other side of the world and some are suffering very severe cold weather conditions so I apologize in advance for complaining about the heat again! I just seem unable to do anything very constructive of late and I’ve come to the conclusion I should be hibernating for the summer. It just doesn’t suit me at all, not when it’s several days in a row of over 40 celsius here in Oz. (That’s 104 F.) The creative side of my brain seems to be in a summer daze while the more practical side is still able to cope with those chores I really have to do.

A lot of the time I consider wasted has been used up attempting to re-format some of my books for Smashwords–I’m not even sure why I bothered except it seems logical they may as well be available in as many places as possible. So far about half of my attempts have succeeded, one with a lot of help from a nice woman at Smashwords, The other half haven’t gone through and I’ve decided not to persevere at the moment; to be honest I can’t be bothered. I’ve had very few sales through Smashwords anyway but there are certain advantages–I’ve been able to make books available free there on a permanent basis, which I’ve chosen to do with ‘What Did You Say?’, which is a very short ebook on grammar and punctuation. There’s also an interview¬†on Smashwords, which is not available on Amazon.

Apart from that, Amazon rules, and, while I may attempt to publish more with Smashwords from time to time, I am NOT wasting too much time, time that could be spent writing, on their crazy formatting.

So instead of writing or re-formatting today, I’ve spent a bit of time adding excerpts to my list of books here, so have a look at my book page. Probably not terribly well formatted–I’ll get to that one day. Or not! I’ve also been to the library for the first time this summer and am planning to waste some time this week reading a novel. Or two. In front of the air conditioner.

Happy Reading.



Spring at last in Oz!

It’s been a long dreary winter and although we had a good start to spring it didn’t last long. Today it’s finally looking like spring–the forecast is for 26c (78.8f) and the sun is shining. I should add I don’t represent all of Australia here, just one little spot on the map.

I’m not a fan of summer and soon I’ll be complaining it’s too hot, but spring is lovely–even my garden, neglected as it is, is brimming with flowering shrubs and buzzing with bees. The streets are lined with blossoming trees and everyone is out and about with their dogs enjoying the sunshine. Which reminds me I must take our mutt for a walk too. Poor thing doesn’t get out much when it’s wet and cold.

Does the weather affect your mood? I know some people are seriously affected when the sun doesn’t shine for weeks on end but I think it’s a bit depressing for most of us. I love a good thunderstorm and it’s nice and cosy sitting in front of the heater on a cold rainy day but after a few days like that I’m really longing for some sunshine.

I slipped over on the kitchen floor last week and sprained my finger. A silly little accident that has kept me away from writing for a week. It’s almost healed now and I need to get back into writing mode. It’s too easy to get used to chilling out and doing nothing–well, it is for me anyway.