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Survivalism and baked beans–plus a free ebook!

What is it with people who dig underground bunkers and fill them cans of food and bottles of water etc.,  in the hope of some catastrophic event that only they will survive? There’s been threats probably as long as humanity existed and there’ll always be something new, so I understand the fear. What I don’t understand is what sort of person would want to live in a hole in the ground, with a stockpile of weapons and ammunition, prepared to defend their baked beans against attacks from their hungry neighbours!

For starters, I do not like being underground; I went to a party a few years ago in an old underground mine (I know that sounds weird, but it’s a tourist attraction here–an old gold mine). I tried to forget the tonnes of rock and earth above our heads but couldn’t–not a good environment for me. But then the idea of living in such a world has no appeal for me anyway. If it’s not safe to live  out in the fresh air I’ll take my chances.

I’ve always been fascinated by different writer’s ideas for the future of our world–fictional ideas only. They nearly always involve disaster of some kind and it makes me wonder if we’re somehow hard-wired to expect the world to end one day. Of course fiction does need something a little more interesting than everyday life.

My novel, Sanctuary, began from an idea I had while watching a documentary on homeless kids, who were living in an underground railway system. One of the young girls was carrying a baby and I wondered what would happen to that child.

Sanctuary is set in the 26th century and there are two distinct peoples: the Centrals, who live underground and the Thrallians, who live in a converted shopping centre. The sun has become deadly and no-one can survive outside during the day. The Thrallians live a comfortable existence in their sheltered and civilized environment and most do not know of the Centrals’ existence, until two boys discover a young girl locked up in the room of one of the rulers.

Sanctuary is written for young adults but I know many adults will enjoy it as well. It’s free for 4 days from the 15th to the 18th April, so check it out and if you enjoy it please write a review for me on Amazon.

Happy reading.