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Is nothing better than . . . nothing?

I’ve had all my books on Amazon free at various times this year and I’m still unsure about the whole thing. I finally decided to withdraw them all and put up my last book I had free days to spare on, ‘Inheritance‘,  a couple of weeks ago. That was it, I was sure, and I would then put them all on Smashwords rather than exclusively with Amazon.  All of a sudden, after that free promotion, I had a sudden burst of sales in the UK and I’m back to wondering again.

If you pay for an ebook and then find it’s free the following week, does that upset you? I think it would me, to be honest. Does anyone know how Amazon actually promotes books? I’ve had quite a few emails promoting my books amongst others but I don’t know if they do that only after you’ve had your book free. Does anyone know?

I think maybe I’ll stay with KDP Select for a couple of my smaller books that only sell for .99 anyway and keep the others out. I have signed up for Matchbox now so that might be interesting. The idea is that anyone who buys a POD version of a book is entitled to a reduced price ebook  version. I’m making my ebook versions all free for that promotion. The PODs are a reasonable price but the postage, especially to Australia, is a bit pricey; no doubt it’s much cheaper in the US.

Football season has finished at last–I actually watched the grand final with hubby on Saturday. In Australia most people have a team they follow and I finally succumbed, several years ago, after watching a grand final with Hawthorn and Geelong. Knowing little about the game I was, nonetheless, impressed by Hawthorn’s skill and their consistency, so I decided they could have the honour of being my team. I really don’t follow them but since they were in the final I did watch and, surprisingly, didn’t mind it at all. And they won. Yay Hawks!