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Finding Lost Books and other friends

Do you have a book that you’ll never forget but you can’t remember the name of it, or the author? I like to try new (to me) authors and different types of books and those that have stuck in my mind tend to be by authors I haven’t read before. One that I only remember a little of was about people travelling to another planet by hot air balloon–I know, right? Sounds ridiculous but I enjoyed the weirdness, the fresh ideas of that book. I had no idea until yesterday even who the author was, since it was at least 2 decades ago that I read it.

I love Google and look up all sorts of things so I tried a pretty random search for a book ‘about people travelling to a different planet on a balloon’, without much hope, and found it!  Apparently I have quite good taste as it won an award and he was quite a prolific author. It’s probably one of those books that people either love or hate and I wouldn’t read it again because I might hate it now. I just really appreciate writers who can come up with bizarre ideas and somehow make them work.

Another book I loved years ago, for the same reason, and wouldn’t read again, for the same reason, is The Watcher. The name, strangely enough, popped back into my head a few years ago and that made it easier to find, although it’s not the only book by that title. It’s too weird to describe but well worth a read if you like horror/fantasy/psychological thrillers.

There’s another book stuck in my head, something about people living on the edge of a chasm, but I can’t find it. There’s a number of books with Chasm in the title but I don’t remember enough about it–it may not even have that in its title.

I’ve also found, not on Google, but on Facebook, two people, one a cousin and one a friend, I haven’t seen in over 40 years, so the internet’s working well for me!

When I’m not on Facebook or Google, or learning French on Duolingo, or writing, I like making new covers for my books. Here’s the latest. You can find all my books on Amazon:




Another attempt at facebook . . . come visit me.

I’m finally succumbed to the nagging of writer friends and have set up an author facebook page at

I’ve had a facebook page for years and spend way too much time there already and I’m not at all sure if I need an author page. For me it’s always been a family thing. My sons actually got me started because they’ve all done a bit of travelling and, rather than sending emails to everyone, they could just post a status and as many photos as they wanted on facebook. Between the five of them, they’ve been to Japan, Mauritius, England, France, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and South America. I may have missed one or two.

My ancestry is British–all over Britain–Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland and I’d love to go there one day–it’s the number one thing on my bucket list but I’ll need to sell a lot of books! Anyone who lives in, or has been to, Australia knows it’s a very long way from the rest of the Western World and a very expensive trip to make. Not to mention it takes, I think 20 something hours. Yuck. I’m not fond of flying and my longest flight so far has been 4 hours, to Perth. Half an hour of fear and three and a half hours of boredom. Make that three. It was kind of interesting at one stage flying over some islands near the Western Australian Coast.

What on earth do people do on a 20 hour flight? Staring out the window at ocean views or clouds would soon wear pretty thin. No doubt my kindle would be useful and I know there’s movies–anything else? I’d be like a little kid–are we there yet?

I’ve also read, and still do, many books set in the English countryside. I’ve even written a couple and it would be good to actually go there and feel the air and see it for myself. Then, of course, like the rest of the world I’ve watched countless movies set in the USA and would love to see some of the places they were made. I’m not talking about Hollywood but the towns and cities where the movies were set.

I’d also like a taste of something less familiar–China is very interesting, as is India. And all of Europe of course–oh what the hell, I’d like to go everywhere!

So I’ve digressed again–back to the facebook thing–I believe I have to collect as many ‘likes’ as possible. This feels like primary school–could you please come visit and ‘like’ my page?