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Pictures of Oz


City from Southern Cross Station


Parliament House.

parl house



Lake Wendouree.


20160605_101404 20160605_101108

Daylesford, Central Victoria.



Marilyn Monroe Visiting Rosalind Park, Bendigo, Victoria  (On loan from USA–


Queen Victoria looks less than impressed with Marilyn.


Kennington Reservoir, Bendigo





Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo

Work started on this around 1895 and was finally completed in 1977.


‘Talking’ Tourist Tram, Bendigo


Mildura, North West Victoria.

Rio Vista, built in 1889 for William Chaffey and now a museum. William and his brother, originally from Canada, had success with irrigation in California and established the first irrigation system in Australia, in Mildura.

mildurawentworthcuz 053

Pelicans on the Mildura Rowing Club lawns by the Murray River.

mildurawentworthcuz 022

One of the paddle-steamers now operating as tourist attractions on the Murray.

mildurawentworthcuz 047

The Mighty Murray River, from the New South Wales side.

mildurawentworthcuz 011

Apex Park–a sand bar on the river popular with swimmers, features in my novel ‘Red Wine and Summer Storms’ and my novelette ‘Dark Innocence’.

mildurawentworthcuz 035

The junction of the Darling and Murray rivers at Wentworth, New South Wales.

Wentworth is both my birthplace and an important part of my ‘Red Dust’ series.

mildurawentworthcuz 061

Wentworth Wharf–actually a replica–once a thriving port for the riverboats.

mildurawentworthcuz 065

An old Ferguson tractor on display at the Wentworth Hospital, both of which feature in my novel ‘Stony Creek‘.

mildurawentworthcuz 058

Western Australia

The Pinnacles

pinnacles close


Grass trees in Western Australia. We spotted these on the drive from Perth to the Pinnacles and I just loved them. You can buy them over here but they cost a fortune and take years to grow to what you can see here. They’re native to W.A and are protected so unfortunately you can’t just dig one out and take it home! Actually probably just as well–they do better where they belong.



On the ferry from Perth to Fremantle.


Blue Mountains, near Sydney, New South Wales.

blue mountains

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier, South Australia. A volcanic lake, the colour changes from grey-ish in winter to vivid cobalt blue.


Mount Beauty, Victoria. A small town surrounded by mountains–great view.

Regrowth on trees at Falls Creek, Victoria, 2007, after bush fire.


Lakes Entrance, Victoria. A small town in an amazing spot, boasting the famous Ninety Mile Beach and huge lakes with lots of fishing boats–you can buy fresh seafood direct from the boats.

lakes entrance

lakes entrance beach

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria. I’m not sure how many apostles there are now–they’re limestone stacks and constantly being further eroded by the waves. Still spectacular.

apostles south coast

Cape Nelson, Portland, Victoria.

Cape Nelson Light house, South Coast VIC

Steavenson Falls, Marysville, Victoria.

Steavenson Falls, Marysville, VIC

Port Arthur, Tasmania. One of Australia’s early prisons, opening in 1833.

tasi 074

Port Arthur.

tasi 080

The Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania. An amazing spot so close to Tasmania’s second largest city.

tasi 107

Sandy Bay, Tasmania

sandy bay tas

Lancefield, Victoria


Maldon, Victoria. An old mining town that has managed to retain its 19th century look and still sell great coffee!


Cows ‘grazing’ in the park at Shepparton, Victoria.



















6 thoughts on “Pictures of Oz

  1. Nice photos, thanks for sharing. None from Sydney, though! (That’s where I live.)

    • No, I’ll have to dig around through my old albums. I spent a year in Sydney as a teenager and it’s been a while since I was last there. My intention with the photo page though was to avoid the usual Oz pictures of the Opera House and the bridge. I think most tourists go to Sydney and Melbourne and I wanted to show people some other sights.

  2. Love the photos! Port Arthur looks like an incredible place to visit. If I ever get the chance to visit Australia, I’ll have to look into seeing it. I see you self-publish your work, which is really cool! I wish you all the luck in the world with your books, and thank you for stopping by my blog!

    • Thanks Laura. I’m not sure how many international tourists get as far south as Tasmania but it’s a beautiful place and Port Arthur is one of many places there well worth a visit.

  3. Visiting Oz is one of those items on my BIG list (before I get too old, too set in my ways, too involved in my career…). Your photos remind me that it is an amazing country. Not being much of a desert fan, it looks like Victoria is more of my cup of tea. Thanks for the stop by and I send best wishes and congratulations on your self-publishing endeavors (also on my BIG list).
    Blue Skies,
    Cricket Muse

    • We do have a bit of everything here–deserts, rain forests, beaches, and cities too if you want a touch of civilization. I haven’t seen a lot of the west–what I did see was great but I can recommend anywhere along the east coast, including Tasmania.

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