Chris Gardner

The joys of self-publishing.



I’m now offering editing services, to Australian authors only at this stage, after a long break from freelance editing. I have a 2 year Diploma of Arts, Professional Writing and Editing, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (History/Philosophy of Religion) with Honours in History. That doesn’t mean I know anything about the particular history you may be writing about so please don’t expect me to point out your errors. If I see anything I have doubts about I will suggest you check it out yourself, but that will be your responsibility.

What I’m offering is to read through your manuscript twice. The first time I’ll be looking for mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar, and after you have made changes I’ll read through it again and make any other suggestions. I don’t plan to do structural editing but I will point out anything I come across that I think isn’t working. Structural editing can be subjective and I don’t want to rewrite your story, just make it more legible; I suggest you try to find a few beta readers and send it to them before I start the editing process. Keep in mind if one person out of six suggests something it may or may not be worth considering–if six out of six suggest the same thing it probably is, but it’s your story and the final decision, if you’re self-publishing, is up to you.

The charge will be 0.005 per word, for works of 30,000 words or more, half to be paid upfront and the rest at the end of the final edit. I’m happy to negotiate a price for smaller stories. If you’d like to look at my books you can pick up a free copy of my ebook on grammar etc., ‘What Did You Say?‘ on Instafreebie and the first book of my romance series set in the outback, ‘Stony Creek’, is now free on most digital stores.

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