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All our lives have been affected in one way or another by Covid 19 and we don’t know how long the after effects will last. No one in my family has been ill and we’re all pretty well isolated. I haven’t seen any of them for–I don’t know how long. Do you lose track of time?

I missed the birthdays of the youngest in my family, two and four year old grandsons, and the eldest in my family, my mother, who turned 100 a couple of weeks ago. We had a big party planned, which was cancelled of course, but I still intended to see her. She’s 400 ks away from us and we weren’t allowed to go. Even if we had we could have only seen her wearing masks and gowns, and not touch her at all. We might have a late birthday party when everything’s open again. She had a great day though–everyone at the nursing home spoilt her rotten and she loved it! I’m glad that the home has such tight rules because they have no cases of the virus there.

My husband and I are pretty used to being on our own at home now that most of our sons have left town and are a few hours away, but we miss them all of course. Our youngest grandson just turned two and I wonder if he’ll still recognise us when we get to see him again.

I’ve been quite busy editing and designing book covers but not writing. I intend to get back to that but I’m not sure I can at the moment. The world is just weird. It’s not that bad for me, just kind of boring, but it could be a lot worse. Our deaths in Australia were up to 93 yesterday and at least 13 are from one nursing home in NSW. Our Victorian premier is a bit firmer on keeping isolation going than the others are and I’m happy about that. Some of the schools in other states will be opening soon but I think it’s too soon. Kids are such bug carriers. When my youngest started school, having not been to kindergarten because we lived out of town, he caught every disease you could imagine, and was home more than he was at school.

Hopefully this time next year things will be back to normal, or some kind of new normal at least, where we can travel to see our family and friends, and give them lots of hugs! If you’re looking for something to read I have plenty of books available, including one free. Stony Creek is the first in a rural romance series but each book can be read as a standalone–no cliffhangers.

Available on Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks, including the Australian site, where you can search for each book.



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3 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. I cheered for Daniel Andrews too. I didn’t know what to make of him when he was first elected, but he’s become my super hero. I’m so glad we live in Victoria with a Premier who has the courage to put people first.

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