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Smart Phones–Agony or Ecstasy?


I’ve had my smart phone for something over a year–it’s a Samsung, which means an android, apparently, even though I still think of an android as being a kind of human-like robot. Which makes an android phone kind of sci-fi and cool, I guess, so that’s one good thing about it.

My husband talked me into getting a smart phone because I spend a fair bit of time on my computer, which is in my office, and he knew a smart phone would be handy to check many things while I’m not in my office. And it is of course–oh so handy. Especially in the lounge-room beside my recliner. I can Google the identity of which actor we’re arguing over in the movie we’re watching, for example, without leaving my chair. I can check Facebook in the ad breaks, again without leaving my chair. Since I have 5000 friends there’s always something to look at. Every ad break.

My last phone was one of those little flip ones–cute and easy to carry around, but one thing I did want from a new phone was a good camera and I have to say I’m very happy with that. It’s at least as good as my actual camera which I no longer use at all.

My little flip phone, though, never caused me any pain. Mind you, I used it only for phone calls and an occasional photo. My smart phone has become something of an addiction and I don’t think I’m alone there. My hands, and especially my thumbs, have been hurting quite a bit and I’ve realised it’s the way I hold the phone when I’m texting etc., so now I’m trying to wean myself away from it. Instead of leaving it next to my armchair I’m leaving it on the other side of the room, so when I do want to check it I have to actually walk over there and I can look at it without picking it up! Does anyone else have phone addict pain?

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5 thoughts on “Smart Phones–Agony or Ecstasy?

  1. Sorry, I had to laugh; I have a smartphone too but I hate it. Mine is pretty old though so ‘looking things up’ just frustrates the hell out of me. Plus it’s hard to read without my reading glasses, tiny screen, tiny buttons. I wish I could make calls on my Kindle Fire instead. 😦

  2. Loved your post and I could relate it to my life. I am a complete smart phone addict. When I am not working on anything, you will find me busy with this small gadget much to the annoyance of my husband. In a way , smart phones makes life easier and interesting for us initially. But addiction towards them also takes us away from our surroundings for a while , which is not a good thing every time.

    • There is that too, Moumita. There was a story on the news this morning that police are suggesting parents are looking at their phones instead of watching their kids and actually putting them at risk.

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