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The joys of self-publishing.

Another one bites the dust . . . And the joys of self-publishing


Whew! Finally finished, formatted and uploaded my latest book, ‘The Road to Karinya’. What with RSI and my son’s overseas wedding in the middle of it I was starting to think it wouldn’t happen. The formatting with Createspace is so much easier now, after 13 books, but that page numbering is till a source of pain. Trying to get Word to start the numbers on page 3 instead of the title page. I did it with nothing but persistence last time around and even wrote notes for myself for next time; obviously not very good notes because it was still ridiculous. Eventually I succeeded but I don’t really know how so I won’t know any better next time.

Anyway I’m happy with the book, so that’s what counts. It would be lovely to hand it over to a publisher to do all the formatting and so on but, on the other hand, I am a bit of a control freak and as difficult as the process is I do find satisfaction in doing it all myself. The covers are fun as long as I can find the right picture and I’m happy with this one. Galahs in a gum tree is about as Aussie as it gets.

‘The Road to Karinya’ is Book 2 of my series ‘Red Dust’, the first of which was ‘Stony Creek‘. We met Prue King briefly in Stony Creek, as a 15 year old neighbour on Karinya Station. I decided she was worthy of her own story, set a few years later, and instead of a city girl going to live on a station, Prue is an outback girl who sets off on the ultimate road trip around Australia, with her friend Sally. She finds romance and trouble and grows up along the way.

Quite a few of the settings are based on my own experiences around the country–I certainly haven’t been everywhere but I lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for a while, as well as Mildura, where Prue starts out. I was born at Wentworth, where Prue and her six sisters were born and I have been to Perth, as well as Brisbane and Adelaide. I worked at the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast and will never forget those tropical sundaes we had for morning tea every day! I also picked oranges with my husband in both Mundubbera, Queensland and Waikerie, South Australia, but not for long–it’s  really not in my skill set!



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11 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust . . . And the joys of self-publishing

  1. It sounds like you’ve published a lot – 13 books? Wow. I’ll head over to take a look, but in the meantime, would you be interested in writing a post about your publishing experiences on one of my blogs? If so, drop me a line.

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    It is terrific that so many are getting their books completed for year’s end. Here is Chris Gardner’s ‘The Road to Karinya’ – great feeling.

  3. Fourteen? My, you’ve been busy. Love the cover and the short synopsis.

  4. Congrats. I hope you are making money with all these books. For my first, I have a publisher. It’s definitely a pro and con situation, but right now – final edits, I am enjoying the process.

  5. Congratulations, and a very nice cover.

  6. Thanks Andrew. I am very pleased with it.

  7. If you are still having trouble with numbering, let me know. Maybe I can help. Email me at Also, how long did it take before you started to see a profit?

  8. Thanks Patty. It’ll be a while before I’m at that stage again but I might take you up on that. As far as profit goes it depends what you call profit! I did do reasonably well with my non-fiction book, Not Guilty, which was one of my earliest ones, but then nothing else much until my rural romance, Stony Creek, last year. That’s still selling really well and I’m now working on Book 3 of the series. (Red Dust)

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