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Happy Australia Day! Have a free book.

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It’s the day after Australia Day here, but we have the holiday today so technically it’s Happy Australia Day Holiday! And for a large part of the world it’s the 26th now, so that’s Australia Day. Wherever you live, do you usually have an extra day off if a holiday falls on the weekend? It’s standard here and I’m curious if that’s the case worldwide.

Australia Day is pretty much just a day off for most people but I’m getting a sense it’s becoming more. Free sausage sizzles for breakfast have become the norm but I can’t say I’ve ever been to one. Maybe when the kids were young I might have considered it but now the thought of lining up for an hour for a burnt sausage in a piece of bread just doesn’t really appeal to me.

It’s also a day that can cause problems politically in that it celebrates the anniversary of Europeans taking over the country and some Aborigines in fact call it Invasion Day, which is understandable. One of the official happenings is the announcement of Australian of the Year and this year we have an Aboriginal footballer, Adam Goodes, who has been fighting racism, particularly within his sport, and I think he’s a good choice.

17,000 new Australians yesterday took the oath and became citizens and I did watch a little of one ceremony at Canberra on TV–quite moving. Maybe that’s the focus we need for Australia Day.

I’ve finally published my book, ‘Her Flesh and Blood‘, which some of you might remember I was asking for title suggestions for months ago. It was going to be ‘Hell Hath no Fury’ and a lot of people liked that, but some pointed out that it wasn’t exactly original, and in fact there were other books on Amazon with that title. There weren’t any when I checked with my current title–don’t know about now.

I wasn’t going to use the free promotion for this one but I’ve decided to put it up free just for 3 days, from the 27th to the 29th Jan, so grab it while you can. If you like it a review would be much appreciated. I’m pretty happy with it myself–it’s fiction with a lot of true history, based on a murder trial in 1910 and I should warn you the case was very shocking and some of the non-fiction is very graphic.

Enjoy our holiday. Read a book!

Her Flesh and Blood‘ for UK readers.

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One thought on “Happy Australia Day! Have a free book.

  1. We do get a holiday on Monday if one falls on the weekend, but it depends on whether it’s a Federal or State holiday and whether or not the company you work for recognizes it as a holiday. Some of our holidays are moveable, so they are the ones that are the third Monday or fourth Thursday of the month depending on which holiday it is. For instance our Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November. The holidays that aren’t moveable, like Christmas, New Year’s, and Fourth of July, are celebrated on the day they happen, unless it’s a weekend, in which case, they are celebrated on Monday or Friday. A lot of the Monday or Friday selection might depend on the company one works for. But since I’m basically retired now, I don’t have to pay attention to holidays except to remember when there’s no mail being delivered or the trash pickup is a different day than usual.

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