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Fun and Games with Amazon–again.


Why do I do this to myself? I should obviously wait until I’m 100% happy with all aspects of my book, including the cover, before I publish. I’m quite patient up to a point and then I think it’s all good but I tend to change my mind. I’m still waiting for CreateSpace to sort out my new cover for Not Guilty. Although they assure me it’s all done it’s not displaying on my author page with the new cover–the kindle version is. Weird.

So I decided to do the same thing with my new novel, Stony Creek. What a brilliant idea! I just wasn’t really happy with the cover and found something I liked better. After much mucking around I had a cover I was happy with and that CreateSpace accepted. Yay! But my author page now shows the new cover in the initial display but then the old cover when you click on the kindle. If you click on the POD you get the new front cover and the old back cover!Stony_Creek_Cover_for_Kindle

Weird or what? I’ve emailed Amazon of course. I’m also waiting for them to remove the odd phrases that somehow magically attached themselves to a couple of my books, again just on the author page. They’re described as Inspector Banks novels! They certainly don’t contain any reference to Inspector Banks and are not detective stories at all. Amazon assure me they’re fixing it but I don’t know why it’s taking so long or how it could happen. I’m sure the creator of Inspector Banks wouldn’t appreciate it any more than I do but there’s nothing I can do about it.

My thesis on Infanticide and Child Murder, Demented Mothers, is on a countdown deal for 0.99, starting on 25th November. It is a university thesis rather than a commercial true crime and is where my true crime book, Not Guilty, had its origins. For those of you who like the facts and the sources etc. I’m sure you’ll find this an interesting read. If you prefer more of a narrative I’m hoping to have the fictionalized version available before Christmas. More on that later.

Happy reading.


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12 thoughts on “Fun and Games with Amazon–again.

  1. Have just bought Not Guilty, as think I am starting a new phase of reading about infanticide following on from the Medea Complex…

  2. Oh good. I hope you like it, although I’m not sure like is quite the right word. I think you’ll find it interesting!

  3. Good for you. I thought Amazon was the Amazon of publishing. Glad to see they are fallible!

    • Yes, that’s for sure, although most of my problems could be avoided if I held off publishing until I was completely happy. Trouble is I change my mind. That business of them adding the phrase about Inspector Banks has me stumped though-definitely nothing to do with me!

  4. I so relate to this. I am so impatient to publish at a certain point and then discover that it is almost impossible to undo some apparently simple things. I had a cover posted on Kindle with a different title from the book. It took me four redo’s to end up with matching cover and book. Still, I like Amazon and kindle. It let’s us do our own thing!

    • That sounds just like me Carmen. I consider myself pretty patient, having survived the childhoods of five boys, now adults! I also like to get things done right now though, and I need to learn that these things do take time to do properly. And I will convince myself that if I take more time in the first place I won’t be wasting so much with revisions after the damn thing’s published!

  5. I’ll publish my first book in a few days. I hope I’m not rushing things.

  6. Really appreciate the heads up on these types of issues…thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. CreateSpace is such a headache, isn’t it? Good luck sorting everything out.

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