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More problems with CreateSpace.


I love CreateSpace–I really do, but why is it so difficult to make changes once your book is published? I’m not sure if the BookCoverImageconnectionsproblem is CreateSpace or Amazon or me. I had a small short story ebook published with Amazon, called Connections, for a while. Then I decided to beef it up with more stories and make it available as a POD as well, through CreateSpace. The system seemed very confused that I used the same name even though I had a different cover and it took several emails and quite some time before the cover matched the new content.

not guilty 2014 coverNow I have the same problem with Not Guilty, my true crime book. It’s always been a POD and an ebook and I just wanted to add a couple of things and do some minor edits but then I decided I wanted a new cover as well. I spent weeks mucking around with that, mainly trying to find out who I needed permission from to use photos. After one rejection I went with a photo of the court house where the trial was held and I’m quite happy with that. Finally put it up on CreateSpace and Amazon.

The ebook is fine but the POD, while it shows the new cover on my author page, shows the old cover and content when you click on it. So far I’ve written several emails, which is always a bit frustrating because it takes some time to get a reply, probably because I’m in Oz and they’re not. I even considered unpublishing it and starting over but you need to make quite significant changes to do that with CreateSpace, including changing the name of the book. Has anyone else had problems like this?

I live in hope it will eventually be resolved and at least I sell way more ebooks that Stony_Creek_Cover_for_KindlePODs anyway. I’ve also just published a new story, Stony Creek, which is free from the 18th to the 22nd November; it’s a romance set in outback Australia, mostly in 1970. Those of you who’ve read Not Guilty or Inheritance might think romance is an odd genre for me to dabble in but I do like variety and I have actually co-authored a couple of romances published traditionally.

My son’s getting married in less than two weeks and I’ve been looking around for an outfit for a month or two–pleased to say I’ve found something I’m actually happy with. Woo-hoo!


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15 thoughts on “More problems with CreateSpace.

  1. I feel your pain with CreateSpace. They do not make changes easy. I’m a little annoyed that I have to go through the whole process AGAIN to release updated versions of the book I self published with them. It’s a frustrating process when it doesn’t really have to be.
    Congrats to your son! 🙂

  2. Sorry createspace have been a pain. Do you have your own ISBN? I find that if I change the photo on the nielsen book data site it usually flows through to everywhere else quite quickly. Faster than if I try to change it with the actual agents, themselves.

    And well done on zeroing an outfit. Always tricky finding the right thing for Mum of the Groom!



    • No. That might be the problem. I only have the CreateSpace one.

      • I use Lightning Source, who used to print their books and so I had to set up my own publishing house and buy some ISBN’s of my own. Createspace was only for americans then. I keep meaning to do something with them but it sounds as if I should to wait until I’ve finished my first series and get all the glitches and teething problems with the manuscript sorted out before I upload a createspace version.



  3. I had problems also, but not with create space. It was with another printer. they told me that a confusion can occur if You do not give another isbn NUMBER. In essence, your book IS another book, and to avoid confusion they need to treat it as a separate entity.
    Try that next time.

  4. In the textbook publishing scene, revisions are taken care of by simply giving the book a new ISBN and adding the edition designation, such as “Second Edition.” That can be taken care of by CreateSpace. I believe, by just adding the new edition as a new book. That probably would not work for fiction stories, but might work for memoirs. I am wondering how to get one of my books “unpublished” with Amazon. Can someone tell their experience? I have published a memoir story with CreateSpace and a significant happening has since occurred that requires the book to have new material added. I thought about just changing the subtitle and cover picture and re-publish it with CS again. There would be no extra expense for me in doing that as long as I use a CreateSpace ISBN. The fact that the paperback version of a book must have a different ISBN than the hardbound version gives us a hint as to why Amazon can’t just simply replace my first published manuscript and cover with a revised manuscript, same title, and same cover. CreateSpace/Amazon has an investment in each book they publish for an author even though the author may have no financial investment. They do not make judgements as to how many of my published books will sell, but simply being listed on Amazon helps some in the process of publicizing my book.

  5. Getting everything right for CreateSpace always makes me re-think traditional publishing. I’d take slimmer margins never to have to do it again!

  6. Thank you for reading my blog: Letters and thoughts by Gwen Campbell. I have started looking at CreateSpace and now may have to rethink that. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and may help us publishers greatly in the future.

  7. I really don’t mean to put anyone off CreateSpace, Gwen. It’s a terrific service. It just takes some getting used to. I pretty much have the covers worked out but I’ve had lots of formatting problems. Had I read through everything properly before I started I could have saved myself a lot of angst. I’ve only just found out they have a template you can just put your manuscript into! More on this in my next blog next week.

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