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Another attempt at facebook . . . come visit me.


I’m finally succumbed to the nagging of writer friends and have set up an author facebook page at

I’ve had a facebook page for years and spend way too much time there already and I’m not at all sure if I need an author page. For me it’s always been a family thing. My sons actually got me started because they’ve all done a bit of travelling and, rather than sending emails to everyone, they could just post a status and as many photos as they wanted on facebook. Between the five of them, they’ve been to Japan, Mauritius, England, France, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and South America. I may have missed one or two.

My ancestry is British–all over Britain–Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland and I’d love to go there one day–it’s the number one thing on my bucket list but I’ll need to sell a lot of books! Anyone who lives in, or has been to, Australia knows it’s a very long way from the rest of the Western World and a very expensive trip to make. Not to mention it takes, I think 20 something hours. Yuck. I’m not fond of flying and my longest flight so far has been 4 hours, to Perth. Half an hour of fear and three and a half hours of boredom. Make that three. It was kind of interesting at one stage flying over some islands near the Western Australian Coast.

What on earth do people do on a 20 hour flight? Staring out the window at ocean views or clouds would soon wear pretty thin. No doubt my kindle would be useful and I know there’s movies–anything else? I’d be like a little kid–are we there yet?

I’ve also read, and still do, many books set in the English countryside. I’ve even written a couple and it would be good to actually go there and feel the air and see it for myself. Then, of course, like the rest of the world I’ve watched countless movies set in the USA and would love to see some of the places they were made. I’m not talking about Hollywood but the towns and cities where the movies were set.

I’d also like a taste of something less familiar–China is very interesting, as is India. And all of Europe of course–oh what the hell, I’d like to go everywhere!

So I’ve digressed again–back to the facebook thing–I believe I have to collect as many ‘likes’ as possible. This feels like primary school–could you please come visit and ‘like’ my page?


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10 thoughts on “Another attempt at facebook . . . come visit me.

  1. Hi Christine,
    Glad to see you took your sons’ advice and set yourself up an author page. It is a necessity to help promote your books. As for the travel, I have been to Australia. I was in the Vietnam War (1968-1969) and I took R&R in Sydney. I would love to go back there someday. I was there in what is your early spring. The beach was still a little too chilly to enjoy. But I did have fun while there. At one point in my career, I worked for a software company in the USA in New England. As such, I got to travel a lot and have been to most of the countries in Europe, especially England and Ireland. And you are right, the plane trips are long. But having my laptop gave me the opportunity to catch up on quite a bit of stuff and not be disturbed. I hope that some day you can realize your dreams and make it to all the places you wish to go. Good luck with your writing.

    I ‘liked’ your page and left the links to my author page and website. I hope you get a chance to check them out.

    Til later, happy writing!

    DC Lozeau

  2. Thanks Dave. I lived in Sydney for a year as a teen and it was a great place for entertainment. Most of my life has been in country areas–not really a fan of city life. Sounds like you had a great job, if only for the free travel!

  3. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog, Discover Santosha. I’ looking forward to reading more of yours. And on the subject of long flights — I am going to be visiting Australia in October from the U.S., and am a little bit freaked out by the idea of the flight! I think it will take everything I know about meditating and relaxation to stay calm for all that time! But I am looking forward to seeing your country.

  4. Can I ever identify with your feelings. Still have not jumped into the pool and created another facebook site for my book. The marketing aspect of writing takes all the fun out of it. I understand why you were hesitant. I have a blog and that’s enough.

    • Yes. I confess I haven’t done a great deal of face-booking and I agree in part about the marketing aspect taking the fun out writing. I do enjoy communicating with people like this though.

  5. Well done on the page, I’ve ‘liked’ it.

    As for the travelling, you’re right, it is a long time but as I understand it, from friends who’ve come from here to you, the way to do it is to take lot of time over it and stop for a week or so at a couple of other places on the way. I get bored flying… when I’m not too busy being petrified. I really, really don’t like it at all but you have to fly if you want to go to places and do things… so I do and I would love to come to Australia… and Tasmania… and New Zealand… So that’s about a year on its own then! I hope your dreams come to fruition and you’re able to make the trip sometime. And if you do stop off in South East Asia, I can recommend Vietnam.



  6. I’ve liked your page! Send me a friend request and I will friend you back: and like my series page – I need likes too: Isn’t this all so odd, all this social media? I wish I was back in Ireland, walking down the road to the next farm – where they had a phone – and giving them a few pence to use said phone! That was my social media!

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