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How do you celebrate finishing a book?


A writing teacher from a few years ago told the class we should never wait for publication but always celebrate completing a book–reward ourselves. It’s a big deal finishing a novel; a lot of work goes into it and a lot of time spent thinking and planning away from the computer as well. My teacher chose champagne as his customary celebration but even a mouthful makes me incredibly ill, so not much fun there.

I’m quite partial to a glass of Jim Beam and Coke but, honestly, the whole alcohol as reward thing doesn’t appeal to me much. I suppose I could go out to dinner or lunch but it’s very cold and wintry here and I just can’t be bothered. I decided what I’d really like to do is visit the library and get a couple of books from my favourite authors and maybe buy a box of chocolates. What could be better than curling up in front of the heater with chocolates and a good book? Since I had no idea what I wanted to write next I planned a few days rest and maybe a bit of family history research.

I won’t mention what books I got but I grabbed three, two by favourite authors. I forced myself to read a few chapters of both and was bored stiff! I have no idea why but maybe I need to try something different. I did grab one book by an author I didn’t know, so hopefully I’ll like that better. I always try to vary my reading and generally get one or two by authors I know and one or two by  others new to me; I’ve come across some great stories.

After spending an hour or so on family history research I now have an idea about my next writing project so my brain is occupied again. I’m thinking of a three part story beginning in Ireland and finishing in Australia, in the 19th century.

I have a small ebook (19 pages) free on Smashwords and would appreciate some reviews, if anyone has time. Only if you like it of course! It’s called ‘What Did You Say?’ and is all about English Grammar and Punctuation.

My other books are available on Amazon and other stores–please see my Book page for more information.  Stony Creek is free. 


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10 thoughts on “How do you celebrate finishing a book?

  1. I celebrate every milestone I reach on every book I write. After all, we deserve it don’t we?

  2. Absolutely Richard! As long as the celebrations don’t get in the way of the next milestone . . .

  3. I haven’t finished my novel yet but my children’s, picture book was fun to finish. I celebrated by handing it over to my kids.

  4. Good idea. Students are usually happy to work free or very cheap and can be very creative.

  5. I paid her $500 for 32 illustrations. She was all too happy to have it on her resume.

  6. I’m never quite sure when a book is finished. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. Yeats supposedly even corrected his poems after they were published. Today ebooks can easily be corrected if the writer chooses to do so.

    As a new author I thought the book was finished when the publisher accepted it only to learn there was much more that needed to be done; copy edits, proofs, Teacher’s Guide, etc. In one instance I added a chapter to a children’s novel just before the last proof. 9-11 gave me an insight I hadn’t had before.

    So I don’t celebrate when I think I’m finished because I may not be. Then again, my husband and I have wine time every afternoon at four “thirsty.”

  7. I treat myself to a great dinner out with hubby and some fine wine!

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