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Thanks for all the title suggestions!

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I can’t believe how many people have tried to help me with a title for my new book–some here on my blog and many more via linkedin; thanks very much to you all. Whether you loved my ideas or hated them–whether you made new suggestions or just told me to try again–you all helped. You helped me to clarify in my own mind what I wanted from a title, which was to hint at what the book was about without actually giving away the main point of the story. You also helped by reminding me to check Amazon, to see how many books with the titles I had in mind were already there, and consider if mine would get lost amongst the crowd of ‘Hell Hath No Fury’s, for example.

I’ve at last come up with a title I’m happy with and I know not everyone will like it, but I think it does what I wanted in a title. It hints at what the story might be and, I think, piques interest, but doesn’t give too much away. The title is (drum roll) ‘Her Flesh and Blood’. I’m hoping it will be available on Amazon some time this month. I’m waiting on some art work for the front cover and also having someone read it through for me and I may need to do one or two things after that.

In the meantime I have to come up with a blurb. Blurbs and titles–why are they so hard? One of the problems of self-publishing of course is that you have to do everything yourself–why can’t I just write the damn book and someone else can do all those bits and pieces? The blurb, like the title, has to create interest without giving too much away and I’ll come up with something.

It’s almost the opposite of writing a novel if you think about it. My first forays into writing were short stories and I had to then learn the art of taking the story in different directions in a novel instead of getting straight to the point. To do a blurb I have to kind of shrink around 50,000 words to around 100–good trick! Wish me luck folks.

I’ll let you know when ‘Her Flesh and Blood’ is out. It will be free on Amazon for a few days and I’d appreciate some good reviews. 🙂

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