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Autumn Sunshine and Vitamin D.


I’m not going to whinge about the weather today. Okay it is a bit chilly, and with two heaters running the gas bill is going to be horrendous, but after what seems weeks of continuous rain and threats of rain we at last have some beautiful Autumn sunshine. I have nothing against rain; I was brought up in a very dry part of the state and I still love the arrival of a great rainstorm. Throw in a bit of hail too and I certainly won’t complain but after a few days I’m more than ready to see the sun again.

I hope all our farmers have had enough–they always seem to want more rain and I’m happy  they’ve had a good dose but we all need a bit of sunshine. It seems odd that Australia has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world but we also have many people lacking in Vitamin D. Can it be that half the country spends too much time in the sun and the other half not enough?

It’s hard when it’s cold and impossible when it’s raining so I try to make the most of it when the sun shines, by sitting outside with my kindle and soaking up some D. I was never much of a sun-worshipper. I tried, as a teenager, to bake out in the sun and get those lovely brown legs but I became bored and uncomfortable long before I was sufficiently cooked. Not that I never got burnt but that was more likely to happen if I was out at the pool or the beach and it was never a good experience! Our beach was a sandbar at the river but the sand was just as hot there as at any other beach and so was the sun. More often on a hot day I’d be curled up under a tree somewhere with a book. In those days there was no talk either about skin cancer or the lack of vitamins. People in general didn’t seem quite as obsessed with their health as they are now. They just worked hard and ate home-cooked meals and generally got on with things.

I suspect some of our statistics in relation to Vitamin D can be explained by the change in immigration over the past few years; darker skins require more sunshine, apparently, for the absorption of Vitamin D than lighter skins do. The public messages we’ve been getting here are more about the prevention of skin cancer, which may be confusing to people of African origin, for example. Also the population is aging and older people may be less inclined to spend time outdoors. Anyway, I’m not an analyst and have no desire to be–just opening up the subject for discussion. What’s the situation in your country? Is there a similar trend?

On a very different note and with no segue, my historical novel, Inheritance, is free at Amazon for one day only, June 18th, so why not download it and spend some time in the sun? Or curl up under a tree. I always have trouble placing this novel in a genre. It’s partly contemporary Australia and partly 19th century and it might be best described as a novel of revenge but I’ll leave that up to you.

Happy reading.


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12 thoughts on “Autumn Sunshine and Vitamin D.

  1. Hi Christine,
    We’re in our summer here in northwestern US. I understand how you feel about the lack of sunshine. I’m soaking up as much as I can now while we have it. Hang in there. Thanks for offering your novel on Amazon. I will check it out.

    • It is actually winter here of course but it seems far more autumnal that autumn did! We went from summer to winter and now back to autumn sunshine. Have to make the most of it. Let me know what you think of Inheritance.

  2. It’s weird how the weather is doing strange things all over the world. It’s the middle of summer here but you wouldn’t know it – rain every single day! There is little danger of overdosing on vitamin D in the UK!!

  3. I thought rain every day in the UK was pretty normal!

  4. I’ve just downloaded your book and look forward to the read. We’ve had a ton of rain lately on Northern Vancouver Island, in BC. April, May and June showers!

  5. Well, I knew almost right away that you must be on the other side of the world! Here, in the southeastern U.S., we’ve recently had heat indexes of 105 degrees. I enjoyed your post, and am following you, so I’m looking forward to more. Your books sound so interesting, and so does your background (your studies). I’m going to put Inheritance on my to read list.

  6. Thanks, found you on Goodreads! Enjoy the cool weather!

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