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The joys of self-publishing.

Greetings to the 6000.


Hi to the 6000 readers who downloaded their free copy of Inheritance during the free promotion at Amazon. If you enjoyed it please tell all your friends. It’s also available as a paperback if you’d like to buy it as a gift for someone. I’d love to know where you’re all from–drop me a line here and let me know.

The cover of Inheritance features a rose from my garden–just had to tell you that. It makes it sound as if I have a lovely garden, doesn’t it? No doubt you’re picturing roses everywhere, with a lush green and beautifully manicured lawn. Ha!

I have one straggling rosebush which survives in spite of my neglect; after years of drought and water restrictions our ‘lawn’ has just spurted patches of green here and there with a recent rain. The only flowers in the garden are usually what I like to think of as wild-flowers and others call weeds. 

I don’t know their grown-up names but we have wet-the-bed daisies which we used to make daisy chains from when we were children, and yellow sour sobs, which always bring back memories of my first years at school. I lived on a citrus property and attended a tiny country school surrounded by farmland. We used to pick the sour sobs that grew everywhere in abundance and chew on the sour stems. If that sounds as if we were starving I assure you we weren’t!

We do have several native trees and shrubs which thrive on neglect, including bottle-brushes which are lovely when flowering.

Building my own covers has been one of the more interesting challenges with self-publishing. Part fun and part torture. The formatting has been all torture. I’ve never been great with instructions and it took me several attempts to get each book formatted. I was horrified when I got my first copies of Not Guilty and Beast of War in the mail. Not Guilty was my first attempt at formatting and I’d sent it through double-spaced. Thought it looked okay online but the hard copy was horrible. Beast of War was, for some reason unknown to me, in a very small font, which I never use. I think I have it all sorted now and have a better idea how they need to look online to come out okay in paperback.

See you next time.


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2 thoughts on “Greetings to the 6000.

  1. Wow! Sounds like you did really well! I hope it works! 😉



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